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Students Testimonials

Unique Academy Testimonial

Evensen E Masaki

The course instructor was very good in sharing the knwoledge and all materials were well understood.The trainer went extra miles in sharing the knowledge. The online and oncampus training was very well managed. We recomend this training insitution for IT professionals

Unique Academy Testimonial

Aisha Mohamed

The topics were well covered with sufficient labs. The trainer is very competent. This college as made me to reach my goal as an IT professional. The job assistance support extended had lead me to get successful employment.

Unique Academy Testimonial

Mwema Mwamasimbi

The trainer is very kowledgable. The class was very great with excellent lab facility. The support of labs online and oncampus was excellent.

Unique Academy Testimonial

Aslam S Yussuf

ilab facility was extremely good. I am able to undergo my pracitcals online whenever i want to practice. The certification skills i have gained is supporting me in my job. My Passion of IT learning has been made easy and get success by Unique.

Unique Academy Testimonial

Zainab Mussa

The trainer is very kowledgable. The class was very great with excellent lab facility. The online and oncampus support extended by the training team is outstanding. I am proud to say that I am Unique IT Professional.This institution has motivated me to take more certification exams inorder to improve my job prospects in the market

Unique Academy Testimonial

Olive Nakiyemba

One of the very few trainings which fulfilled my expectations. The certification support extended by the Unique training institution was very helpful for me to be certified.